Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sarah Palin has a long track record helping special education

Well before she knew that Trig had Trisomy 21, Governor Sarah Palin was increasing funds for special education in Alaska. According to Mr.Stephen Lesko, executive director of an Anchorage, Alaska agency, Hope Community Resources." Hope serves special needs families via foster care, respite care, mental-health care and a host of others services. Lesko’s organization received a 127 percent increase in fiscal year 2009 capital funding to help refurbish existing homes and facilities for disabled clients.
Asked about Governor Palin, Lesko said, "She has made significant progress in the area of disabilities in a very short period of time, the most I have seen in such a short period in my 30 years at Hope Community Resources."

SO this begs the question; why are Down syndrome advocacy groups reluctant to openly support her?
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