Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Down syndrome education center

This is good news! Down syndrome advocacy has never been stronger, and it's bearing fruit.

In the United States a new nonprofit organization established to create new opportunities for young people with Down syndrome; Down Syndrome Education USA has plans for the first Down Syndrome Education and Research Center based in the US. The new center, associated with and works closely with Down Syndrome Education International (DownsEd) will be a joint venture with the Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County and will accommodate expansion of the Foundation’s highly successful Learning Program. The center will be based in Orange County, California and is expected to open in early 2009.
The new center will offer education programs and resources to children with Down syndrome, their families and education professionals across the US. The center will also conduct and sponsor scientific research focused on practical ways to support cognitive development, language, literacy and math teaching for young people who have Down syndrome.

Read the entire story here at the Health Examiner.

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