Monday, November 17, 2008

An Invitation to join us for the March for Life 2009

Last year I casually mentioned to an email correspondant that I wanted to get mothers of children with Down syndrome together to march together in the March for Life. I felt that since our children are the most threatened by abortion, with a rate of 90%, that we ought to represent ourselves as a group. Eileen, who is more of a mover and shaker, loved the idea and then we let it simmer awhile. . .

Then, some things happened.

The New York Times noticed that parents of chidren with Down syndrome were organizing in response to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynocologists recommendation that all pregant women, regardless of age be tested for Trisomy 21. They were right.

A new non-invasive test arrived on the scene promising to eliminate our children with greater accuracy.

Trig Palin hit the scene, and everyone was talking about Down syndrome. My Google Down sydnrome alerts quadrupled overnight, and we had lots of interest in the Buddy Walks this fall.

The Prenatally Diagnosed Conditions Awareness Act was passed and signed Oct 8, 2008 which will give expectant parents proper medical information and referral to support groups and adoption agencies. I credit Trig Palin in part for helping to pass this bill in this article in the National Catholic Register.

SO, since this seems to be the year that we parents of children with Down syndrome are in the spotlight, and as you know, we LOST our advocate, Sarah Palin, in the tragic results of the election. We must take to the streets of Washington, and tell our new president that we will be watching him.
Help us organize and garner media attention, which will be hard on the heels of the Inauguration. Email me at to volunteer to organize your friends and meet us in DC.
We'll be posting the details of when and where we meet, and any symbols, signs, etc, we will be carrying. We are pro-life mothers (and fathers) of children with Down syndrome, and we are here to tell the world our children have the right to life.
Let's invite Trig Palin and his family to join us.
Many interested moms are asking where we should stay on the night of the 21st. I suggest the Phoenix Park Hotel since the Hyatt Capitol Hill is already booked. Don't forget to ask for your March for Life discount. Gabbi and I met Congressman Chris Smith and his lovely wife Marie at the Philipino Family Fund Cocktail Hour there last year. We also ran into David Bereit of 40 Days for Life. They have a lovely Irish pub where prolifers gather to form their battle plans on Jan 21st. It's there I met Fra Augustine of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.


monica said...

Leticia, I was thinking of attending with my 8 yr old . . .but it would be my first time, so I don't know the ropes of where to go, stay, etc .. .

Martin said...

My family would love to join you. We'd been planning on going anyway. \\
are you guys really going to invite Gov Palin and Trig?
McCaffrey Family

Leticia said...

Monica and Martin, so glad to have you join us!
We'll certainly invite the Governor and her family. Why not?
Monica; the main hotel where the prolifers meet is the Hyatt Capitol Hill on New Jersey Ave, but I stayed nearby at the Phoenix Park Hotel, also home base for many prolifers. Ask them for discount rates for the March.

Anonymous said...

So glad to see you beautiful families organize to participate in the March for Life. My sister has Downs Syndrome. See is now 42 years old. I was very little when my parents brought her home from the hospital, but I remember it very well. I remember thinking she looked like a porcelain doll. The prognosis the doctors gave to my parents was very poor. At the time, it was quite normal to warehouse such children which was what the recommendation was to my parents. What a blessing these little ones are and what a sadness that the world still rejects them. God bless you all and I will look for you at the march.

Robin - Mom to Bryan said...


Hi!! You have to call me. I want to so badly! If we could go together that would be great. Let me know the details of the date etc. So I can get off work an plan.