Friday, February 20, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

Does it bother any of you moms out there when you're playing an 'old' movie and your tween rolls her eyes at your teen, saying, "look at those hair styles, they're so NINETIES"!
About 4PM this afternoon, as I was catching up with what everyone else has been blogging about all day, I looked over my shoulder at the rug and found it populated with our entire pet collection; two labs, a black cat and a fuzzy tabby cat. I start to feel popular, and then I notice something. . .
they're all lying the patch of sunlight created by the setting sun in the office.
So much for popularity!
It's our second big school vacation since the girls entered school after ten years of homeschooling, and we quickly fell back into homeschooling mode. . .someone constantly in the kitchen making a sandwich, no one getting dressed, lot of silly sister gigglin, and LATE bedtimes. . .
and I miss seeing them during the day so much, I don't even complain!
Ever find yourself hunkering after something green in late February? This is when we usually start our annual seeds. after a shopping spree in our local hardware store. It's so much fun, even if the seedlings never see the outdoors.
In my new house, I have a greenhouse window in the kitchen. This year, my seedlings might make it through the deadly combinaton of neglectful Mom, curious, over-watering Christina and a cat who loves to dig.
Lent begins next Wednesday and I'm looking forward to imposing some much-needed discipline on myself. Well, not exactly looking forward to it. . . well, dreading it but acknowledging it's very necessary.
You shouldn't lie about the discipline of Lent.
It's good for you, but no one says you have to like it.
Speaking of Lent, I am so excited about the beer-battered fish fillets I have waiting in the freezer. They were on sale and really are a treat. . .so I shouldn't eat them for Lent, right, cause they wouldn't really count as abstinence? I should eat them tonight. Thought so.
However, unlike Jen, I adore the taste of cilantro, especially when it's served fresh in salads. So, with my bland arroz y frijoles(rice and beans) next Friday, I can eat a tasty green salad with cilantro and avocado. That is something to look forward to.
Did she mention that the Greek word from which cilantro is derived means "smells bad'?
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Anonymous said...

That was a delightful post, Leticia!

I can relate most of it.

'Cept we already have green here - where I water. chkl.

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

We've been in homeschooling mode all week as well. And I am looking forward to Lent because it gives me a good excuse to cook more fish. Is that bad?

Leticia said...

Not necessarily, it's probably a healthy change to a typical American diet. What I mean is that it can be a luxury, like when my old parish had a Good Friday soup supper of bread and Lobster Bisque!

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

What I mean is to me it is not a privation. Maybe I should make the fish without any salt so it doesn't taste so good.

Anonymous said...

Cute! We need more of this just Leticia stuff, it's fun and let's us get to know you better!

Anonymous said...

I also enjoyed your blog today!

Fish during Lent--GROSS!! Fridays are a BIG sacrifice for me!!!

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

You can also make a meatless Italian dish such as ziti or vegetable lasagna. Or beans, which are a good protein substitute.