Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Give a dollar to The Michael Fund

I don't often do appeals on Cause of Our Joy, but here is a charity close to my heart. I wrote about Dr Jim Paddy Baggot in this article. His research was funded by The Michael Fund.
Dear Friend of Life,

In the 1940s, the popular comedian Eddie Cantor coined the name “March of Dimes” (MOD) to help raise money to fight polio. Every American, regardless of means, was asked to stick a dime in an envelope and send it to the White House to help raise research funds to eradicate polio. Despite the hard economic times, the first MOD campaign brought in $1.8 million.

Well, it’s February 2009, and times have changed.

The Michael Fund has become the prolife alternative to the March of Dimes, and instead of a dime we are asking for one dollar. This is the Michael Fund’s first annual online appeal. Our goal is to raise $250,000 funds for prolife genetic research and education – ONE DOLLAR for every person who will read this appeal during the month of February.

PLEASE – won’t you take a dollar from your wallet or purse, stick it in an envelope, and send it to the:

Michael Fund
4371 Northern Pike
Pittsburgh PA 15146

The International Foundation for Genetic Research, popularly known as the Michael Fund, was co-founded in 1978 as the prolife alternative to the March of Dimes, by Dr. Jerome Lejeune of Paris and Randy Engel, head of the U.S. Coalition for Life. To make an online donation or read more about the research and education program of the Michael Fund please visit
www.michaelfund.org. All donations are tax-deductible. If you would like a copy of our Winter 2008 Friends of the Michael Fund Newsletter, “New Directions for Down Syndrome Research” by Dr. Paddy Jim Baggot, send your request to Randy Engel, Executive Director of the Michael Fund at rvte61@comcast.net.
Please post and circulate this appeal to your relatives and friends.
May God bless you for your charity.

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