Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thankful Thursday: I'm thankful for those long-suffering older sisters of homeschooling families

Read this post from Anna Catherine, a seasoned older sister who has been her mother's helper for years, and is getting very good at it! Where would we moms be without our homeschooling helpers?
I'm going to have my Thankful Thursday saying;
Thank you, Gaby for all the diaper-changing, rocking to sleep, Barney videos you've put on, toys you've put away, clothes you've folded, babysitting, face wiping,spill-wiping, unsolicited help with housework, daily entertaining Christina, help with just about EVERYTHING.

Don't think your help goes unnoticed. I see it, and so does Jesus.

You will be an unselfish and capable mother or religious sister some day, who doesn't shrink from doing her part. You understand self-sacrifice.
I love you, not for all this, but for YOU!


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