Thursday, December 28, 2006

Our Newest Christmas Books

Thanks to the reading list for December in Real Learning, I found two new treasures to read aloud on the fourth day of Christmas.
The Huron Carol was actually written by Jesuit martyr, St. Jean de Breubeuf, in an attempt to help the Huron Indians understand the birth of Christ. I really only knew St. Jean by the nature of his martyrdom, and not so much for his accomplishments in ministry, so I was grateful for the information. Frances Tyrell does a lovely job incorporating Indian imagery with the Nativity Story.
Good King Wenceslas, by John M. Neale,the carol's original author, and Tim Ladwig, brings the beloved carol to life with tender and engaging illustrations, while giving an informative history of Vaclav Wenceslas, king of Bohemia.
Both books include the music and lyrics for the songs.

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