Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year, Feast of Mary the Mother of God

And we're going to celebrate (after Mass, of course!)by moving my teenager into her new room, which we painted together, and has a Hawaiian Theme (you'll love it Esther). We want to stencil light turquoise hibiscus flowers on the walls. Does anyone out there have stencils like these, or know what material we should use to make our own?
Oh, and after Gaby is moved in, Rebecca has reminded me that my house needs a total overhaul! Check out her magic method of housecleaning!


EC Gefroh said...

Leticia, I just received a Bloglines update on this blog entry. What a great idea for a teen's room. How did it turn out?

Leticia said...

The painting is done, and I find the color a bit strong, though she loves it! I'm thinking that stenciled flowers may help the BRIGHT aqua recede a bit, and it is a very sunny room. Do you know of any hibiscus stencils I could order online?
Also, she has no religious items, as they 'don't go with her Hawaiian theme'. I figured you'd know where to get pictures of Our Lord or Our Lady with lovely Hawaiian landscapes. Help!