Monday, August 6, 2007

Proud Mom Moment

While we were preparing for one of our evening walks around the block, Christina made a request.
"I some shoes".
We were ecstatic, as she had never put three independent words together before!
When she said, "I some" it was always with relation to food, as in, "I some" indicating the rice she wanted me to put on her dinner plate.
This time, she was indicating another type of need, using "I some". All of her other multiple word phrases have been learned in their entirety from us, like her favorites, "I don't want to", or "I don't like it".

"I some shoes" is totally unique for her, and a big milestone in her slow linguistic development. Her sisters, delighted, have given her a new nickname, "I some". We hope to respond to many more such requests in the future!
Nice job, Christina! We are all SO proud of you!
Photo credit: Grandma


Alice Gunther said...

What joy!!!

Anonymous said...

She looks just as happy as you are! Very sweet.

Anonymous said...

so sweet. I placed Christina in the spotlight! also on mynestingplace. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your wonderful comment! Donna

Christina said...

That is so sweet! I remember those days trying to pull words and phrases out of Kallie. Now somedays I just pray that she is quiet LOL WTG Christina!

Lori said...

Way to go Christina! Jackie also has trouble putting words together. That is quite an accomplishment, WOOHOO!!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog by linking through someone else's, but wanted to share your joy at Christina's milestone moment. Our neighbors have a little boy (age 6) with Downs and I know how very hard they work with him on his language skills. It's not an easy task, but so worth it in the end! Incidentally, our neighbor's momma is Mexican and so he is half hispanic-which makes him resemble Christina to some degree-very cute!
Many blessings to you~