Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The courage of some mothers really inspire me

I am gaining new followers on Twitter every day, and it fascinates me to learn about each one. One pro-life mom of 5, Elizabeth Esther is a great blogger, and posted this wonderful story about a mom who just wouln't give up on Emmanuelle. These difficult times call for true pro-life heroism. She wrote, "We were adamant that God’s will be done and we knew ending our baby’s life was not our decision. We were told we were naïve, foolish, selfish, thoughtless-“do you think this baby wants to live, you have no idea what this will do to your family.”
Yet she carried her baby to term, and two years later she is surpassing all expectations.
Happy Mother's Day to all you brave women out there who don't listen to doomsday doctors, who put your own life on the line to save your baby.
There is a special reward awaiting you in heaven.

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