Thursday, May 21, 2009

Please pray for my mother

Yesterday my mother was admitted to the hospital for suspected gallbladder inflammation. Now, after an MRI, it appears much worse. She may have cancer, and the word sends a cold shock of fear into your system when it's said with reference to someone you love.
Please pray for her, her name is Eleanor Crafa.
Please join us in a Pentecost Novena, starting today.
Mom is home from the hospital resting. She did not have surgery. She will have further testing in Manhattan with a specialist renowned in this field.
Your continued prayers are appreciated.


MonicaR said...

Oh no -- praying Leticia!

christine M said...


MonicaR said...

What's going on today with your mom - testing? Are they keeping her in the hospital for now?

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

Good on that update, New York City hospitals have some of the finest doctors to diagnose and treat whatever is wrong. I am praying.

Anonymous said...

Thank you you all ever so sincerely for your comforting prayers. God bless you all. Mom

A Homeschooling Thespian said...


Just wanted you to know that I have been praying ferverantly for your mother. She is such a wonderful person! I really enjoyed speaking with her this time last year at Isabella's piano recital.

God bless!