Monday, June 15, 2009

How the International Down Syndrome Coalition is changing hearts

My friend Diane from IDSC has given me permission to share from her email today. I have been blogging to save lives of babies in danger of abortion because they have Down syndrome for three years. I think I have a handle on how horrible the thinking is about our beloved children, yet Diane's email today left me breathless, and reminded me just how important our internet presence is. We willnever know how many lives we have saved until we meet in heaven. But keep up the good work, Diane, you can see that God has a lot more work for you out there.

Finally, we wanted to share a little information with you. We like to check to see what people will type in their google search engine to find us. We have been surprised to find out that many who are considering abortion are finding us. They are also exiting out of the site on the great pro life resources that we have available for them. We thought you may want to see what some of the words they type into the search engine are. I have copied these exactly as they are, and they are a small sample:

choosing to terminate a downs baby

is down syndrome incompatible with life
do children suffer from Down syndrome
parents starving baby down syndrome
ending pregnancy for down syndrome
choosing to terminate a pregnancy for down syndrome
option to terminate the life of a baby with down syndrome
life for the suffer of down syndrome
our baby has down syndrome
federal law concerning "down syndrome" (I have no clue what this would mean.)

Please continue to keep these families in your thoughts and prayers. We hope that any information we have to offere will help them as they make their decision for their child. We are so glad that the IDSC is coming up so often in search engines when they are looking for information concerning abortion of their child who happens to have Down syndrome. These words can take your breath away. Real people, needing real solutions are finding us!

Thanks to all of you helping to get the word out there, people are finding us!

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Marian said...

That is shocking what people type! And so, so sad. If they only knew the great tragedy of what they were doing.
Thanks for your site. I just came across it as I am a new mom that is celebrating my son's 1st birthday. I just started my own blog:
My son had DS and he is the best thing that's ever happened to me.
Please keep up the amazing work you are doing!!!

Leticia said...

As long as I've been doing this, I was still shocked at the thoughts which those searches express.
Welcome to the blogosphere, Marian, we obviously have a lot of work to do to change hearts!
I'm going over to your blog now.