Friday, June 12, 2009

NDSS new public awarenesscampaign; My Great Story

My Great Story!
My Great Story seeks to honor and celebrate the great stories of the 400,000 Americans living with Down syndrome by showcasing these stories in a beautiful online storybook.
This book will feature inspirational stories about work, school, friends, family, hobbies, travel, the NDSS Buddy Walk® program and many other things.
If you have Down syndrome, we want to hear your great story! We want to learn about your achievements, dreams, aspirations, successes, and anything else about yourself that you want to share.
If you have a great story about someone you know who has Down syndrome, tell us! We want to know how he/she has inspired you. You can tell a story about your friend, family member, colleague, student, patient, neighbor, etc
Please encourage everyone you know to get involved by passing along this email or web address below!
The My Great Story website was created by
York & Chapel
NDSS has taken it one step further and turned two great stories into a national public service announcement (PSA), featuring the great stories of Sujeet Desai, The Traveler and Sara Wolff, The Public Speaker, featured below.
These PSA’s will be featured in national and local media outlets across the country this fall, as well as high profile websites.
These dynamic print ads were shot by renowned photographer,
Zachary Scott.
The ad creative was developed pro-bono by
Pedone Media.
Click here to watch the ‘behind the scene’s’ video from the photo shoot.
Click here to read the story of Sujeet Desai, The Traveler

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