Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Are you being called to help spread prolife medical care for women?

From the Gospel of Life Society in Norwalk, CT
September 12 Napro-Technology Training -- for Practitioners & Doctors (in Connecticut)

If you are planning to participate in the Training Program, Sept 12 - 19, please sign up now. Last minute decisions are fun! The next program will be March 2010.

To sign up, call the instructor directly: Kathy Rivet, BS, CFCE

Naturally, it will be held at our favorite place - Villa Maria
Guadalupe, 159 Sky Meadow Dr., Stamford, CT 06903.

I took the first course EPI and will be coming back to take the second course EPII given during the same timeframe. EPI is wonderful -- about the basic technology which is now being
expanded to address the typical health issues of teens and young women . EPII offers more about the differences between secular surgery and NaPro surgery. A course curriculum and brochure are attached together with application and tuition fees are attached.

If you need a loan, with excellent rates, please contact Dorothy Dugandzic -- work is 914/ 476-4858 and cell is 718/ 893-5078. Some take this course to reinforce their understanding and abilities to converse with doctors and loved ones – it is an investment in woman’s health.

FYI, most treatments do not involve surgery. However, if surgery is required, Dr. Anne Mielnik, of the JPII Center due to open (see below), says that doctors can work with Dr. Kyle Beiter of the JPII Center who is a surgeon. Dr. Mielnik’s vision is that the JPII Center become a surgical center or hub that will service other medical centers.

When We Have 4 NaPRO Dr’s in CT…We will start a clinic!

Here is the information about the new Napro-Technology Clinic in Manhattan. This wonderful clinic is the pro-life answer to the Culture of Death which surrounds it!

Reminder: John Paul II Center – Opening Aug 17!

To be put on a list to be called for an appointment, go to
http://www.jpiicenterforwomen.org/ and select tab on right. This New York City practice will become a wonderful asset to us! It is just 3 blocks from Grand Central Station, and will include two physicians:

- Anne Mielnik, MD - Founder and Director of the JPII Center for Women & Gianna Healthcare; Family Medicine Physician; NaProTechnology Medical Consultant

- Kyle Beiter, MD - OB/GYN, NaProTechnology Medical Consultant and Surgeon

Local NaPro doctors (internists, family doctors and GPs), who will handle all the non-surgical treatments (about 85-95%), are invited to coordinate with Kyle Beiter, M.D., of the JPII Center to do the surgery.
Again, Dr. Mielnik’s vision is that the JPII Center become a surgical center or hub that will service other medical centers.

Please spread the word on this marvelous opportunity. With a surgeon, we can aggressively begin now to court doctors. Doctors in Ct who are NaPro, but are not OB/GYNs, can refer to Dr. Kyle Beiter.

Nov 14 - NaPro Day in CT!!! Plan to Hear Dr. Anne Mielnik Speak About Her New Practice

Dr. Anne Mielnik will be the speaker at the Gospel of Life Society on November 14, 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon, after the Pro-life Mass. Please do plan to attend and bring friends; all are welcome – doctors, nurses, practitioners, pediatricians, moms, grandparents, etc. We are planning our next Tri-state Medical Group meeting for the same day from 12:00 to 2:00 pm. It will be an open agenda - a wonderful chance for those who attended the seminar in Stamford on Jan 17 (which included 31 nurses, doctors and moms), to view the DVD’s we made, see each other again, meet new people, network, and enjoy a time to exchange information, share, and inspire – all over lunch. $5 for a lite but lunch. Please RSVP.

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Linda said...

I will pray for more people to get involved. Sounds really wonderful. God bless them!