Monday, August 24, 2009

Be careful which museum you take your children to

Read this scary experience a father had in a Manhattan museum on MercatorNet.
"A writer complains in the New York Times about taking his twin boys, aged 7, to one of his favourite galleries and running into an exhibition with “graphic images”. The name, “And/Or”, provided no clue to the genitalia displayed; the warning sign at the entrance was in very small print. "
I had a similar experience in the Museums at Stony Brook which are allegedy about local history. On my birthday one hot summer day, I took all three girls to the museum to see a display of wedding gowns. The girls naturally enjoyed the gowns, replete with letters from the brides and photography. What we didn't anticipate was the gay marriage display at the end. When I complained to the curator, about the inappropriatness of the display, I got a lecture on political correctness. I will not be taking the girls back to this museum.
Maybe the art galleries at Woodstock Vermont are on the right track. In this post, I describe how we saw signs in the windows saying, "no children; dogs allowed".
We are seeing the inroads of the Culture of Death where people who want to protect the innocence of their children are being denied access to the arts.
Remember it was the Catholic Church who first developed fine arts. Now we have to filter what our children see, as those who would corrupt them use our tax dollars to fund pornography and blasphemy.

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