Sunday, December 13, 2009

Eduardo Verastegui in "The Butterfly Circus"

I am reposting this to inform my readers that "The Butterfly Circus" is available on DVD. What a wonderful gift for someone you love; a short film which celebrates the gifts which God has given each of us, no matter what the world sees in us.

Go to Doorpost Films to view
this one day preview of an amazing film which will challenge your views of what a circus can be.

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rebekahweigel said...

Just wanted to let everyone know that "The Butterfly Circus" starring Eduardo Verástegui (Bella) and Nick Vujicic (Life Without Limbs) will be posted on The Doorpost website for viewing for up to one year! It had an online premiere for one day and the film is now available to view online and vote! We appreciate your support for filmmakers who are trying to bring messages of hope to the world!

The Butterfly Circus Team

ButterflyCircusteam said...

To find out more about the coming feature film and purchase DVDs of the short film visit

Thanks for your support!

The Butterfly Circus team