Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fr Robert Fox dies

Fr Fox was the editor of the Immaculate Heart Messenger, and a big promoter of the Fatima message through the Fatima Family Apostolate. Rest in peace Fr Fox and pray for those of us on earth who have yet to heed Our Lady's message of prayer, fasting and  penance for the sins against her Immaculate Heart.

Yesterday, I participated in an international teleconference to promote the release of "The 13th Day". See my review here. Fr Andrew Apostoli(see photo) was on the line as well as the film's producer, directors and Fillipa Fernandez who played Lucia. We discussed the fact that the Fatima message is more relevant in our times than ever before.Not only are we in moral freefall, but our society is threatened by Muslim extremists. Fr Apostoli discussed the reverence Muslims have for Our Lady of Fatima, and his hopes that this will lead to widespread conversions. This is the answer to peace in our time!
 If Our Lord was offended by fashions and morals in 1917, can you imagine how offended He is by our society?
Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!
Read the entire story on the National Catholic Register blog.
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