Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Playing catch up and its fall in Connecticut

Now that I'm home from Dad's house, and Washington, home for the first time in over two weeks, it's time to play catch up.
I spent some wonderful time with family and new and old friends at the funeral and afterward (which I'll share in a later post) but now I have to face the effects of nearly putting off housekeeping and writing on hold for the length of Mom's illness (four months). A good decision I will never regret, but a costly one. I was swamped then, I don't have a word for how behind I am in book reviews, news stories, blog posts, and assignments.
Monday morning, I was confronted by a neglected home, VERY sore feet from Washington DC, and suitcases full of our clothing and Mom's belongings. Did I mention that I broke a tooth? That's where I spent today and will spend two other days, at the dentist beginning a root canal and crown, which will cost us about $500. All because I grind my teeth at night. I'm getting a night guard for that too.
After the dentist, I had a school meeting for Christina with her teachers where we discussed using a communication augmentation tool. I had been resistant to the idea at first, feeling it would replace speaking, but once Christina pushes a button with a drawing on it and hears the recording say, "I would like a drink" she repeats it and is truly learning language. So I have to come up with nine phrases she needs to learn at home. Can you believe I am having trouble finding them?
The three I have are "I want to go outside" , "I want to read a book", and "I want to read a story". I think the problem is that she does make her needs known at home, albeit incompletely. She says 'book' and we understand. She shoves a Veggie Tales DVD in our faces, and we get the point. Now we can refine the language a bit. One phrase I would give the world to hear is "I have to use the toilet". At Dad's house, we were overjoyed to find her using it on her own!!! We did back flips for joy. She hasn't done it again. Sigh.

It's fall up in Connecticut. Brilliantly colored trees, crisp sunshine and cool breezes brush my cheek as I hurry to ferry the girls to and fro. But this time, Gabbi is driving! I'd take photos but I haven't unpacked the camera yet. So I'll let my friend at Totus Tuus Family Homeschool share about autumn with her beautiful mix of artsiness and Catholicism.
It features my favorite Irish tune which always rings true this time of year, performed with a truly gifted voice.

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