Saturday, September 26, 2009

What do you think of Glenn Beck?

Barbara Curtis at Mommy Life is asking for our opinon on Glenn Beck. She is writing a piece for his website, and will be appearing on his 9-12 Moms show this Monday at 5PM on The Glenn Beck Show on Fox.
Here is my opinion:
Glenn Beck is a phenomenon because he is completely honest with his audience, he never plays politics, but speaks from the heart and shoots from the hip, ignoring conventional wisdom which even some talk show hosts seem to follow. For example, I think Sean, Rush, and O'Reilly are pro-life but when is the last time they discussed the health care bill with respect to life issues? It's always money and politics with them.
Glenn is in touch with the people and what makes them passionate; like 9-12 Moms.
He strikes a chord with the folks. That's why he is a sensation. He deserves it. That's also why the liberal media is focusing on his zaniness, trying to discredit them as they tried to do with Sarah Palin. He's in for a rough time.
Glenn also takes the time to draw upon lessons of history like his chalkboard flow chart on the health care bill and its relationship to the history of eugenics both here and in Nazi Germany. It was outstanding, and outside of Catholic TV programs, and Wesley Smith lectures, practically unprecedented.

He is a prophet for our times, declaring the dangers inherent in the Culture of Death.

One last comment; as the mom of a special needs daughter, I know where some of his passion originates; LOVE of his special child. He knows what we know, Barb, that if we don't change the Culture of Death, it will destroy our children after we are gone. That's why he was the first to champion the case of Terri Schiavo.
Go Glenn!

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1 comment:

Brian said...

Hello Leticia,

I agree - the other hosts rarely if ever get deep into pro-life issues. For them, ratings are still a priority. Glenn Beck is very different - I do believe he speaks from the heart. And he has spoken often about his "special needs" child - with great emotion.

God Bless!