Monday, April 5, 2010

Important research findings

The way Down syndrome is understood has undergone a radical paradigm shift, according to researchers, and this will open up five new therapies for the cognitive delays which accompany it.
The researchers also showed that manually manipulating pieces of RNA that regulate the protein could increase protein levels in both human cell lines and mouse brains. In fact, an experimental drug that acts on those RNA segments returned this protein to normal levels in mice that model the syndrome.
We could be on the brink of a drug which treats Down syndrome, and, God willing, lowering the negativity which accompanies a pre-natal diagnosis Down syndrome. While many parents of a child with Down syndrome resent any treatment which is aimed at 'changing' our children, I maintain that anything which helps more children come into this world is a blessing.
 If its proven safe, I would be open to Christina receiving such treatment. I have advocated long and hard for research funds to bring us breakthroughs like this. This is good news. Servant of God, Dr Jerome Lejeune must be praying for his fellow scientists.
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Anonymous said...

It's such a hard topic, Leticia, a drug that would change who God created but on the same hand a drug that will help them (child with Down syndrome) become more knowledgable. With much prayer I would consider such a drug for little Erin, hoping that she would continue to be the same sweet little angel that God created. I figure, if any of my other children had a learning disability, I would most certainly find cures for him!