Friday, April 9, 2010

With the internet, you never know where you will end up

I have a self indulgent habit; from time to time I Google myself. I want to know where what I write online is going Here are some recent surprises.
My review of "The Kite Runner" was used in The Manila Bulletin as the basis for a discussion on the Sacreament of Confession, according to St Jose Maria Escriva. Awesome.

KIDS was featured in this wonderful article about the 90% abortion rate of babies with Down syndrome.
Again, a pleasant surprise.

My article in the National Catholic Register on the Legacy of Dr Jerome Lejeune was quoted by Michelle in her excellent and holy Unborn Word of the Day. I left a comment at the time, but I had forgotten about it, and to see it there was a renewed thrill.

And.. . saving the best for last; my review of "Mother Teresa's Secret Fire" by Fr Joseph Langford, MC is on the website of the Missionaries of Charity.

When I get discouraged about how little money freelance writing has brought me, I look at the ways my writing has been used, and remember that using my gifts for God's glory is a higher purpose.

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Milehimama @ Mama Says said...

Have you set up a Google Alert for your site? Google will email you when someone links. Good way to keep tabs on who's linking up, and why!

Leticia said...

I have a Google Alert for Leticia Velasquez, but it misses a lot, and picks up odd things.

Molly said...

(You don't have to publish this, per se)After noticing that you were a member of Prolife Blogs, we at Mystical Rose Design wanted to invite you to join us in our Pro Life Tuesdays! Bloghop. Please stop by or join us on any Tuesday!
In Christ,
Lucy, Molly, and Caroline

Unknown said...

Tishe- I'm still trying to figure out how to use my gifts for God's glory. Something so simple and straightforward can be so difficult to do...