Monday, April 5, 2010

"Last in this world, first in the next"

Sherry Tyree, a writer from the St Louis Dispatch is not afraid to tell the truth about Down syndrome. About how many babies are aborted after 'genetic testing' and about how they are appreciated somewhere. The Catholic Chuch.
You can tell she is a decent person by the reason she left her OB;
A few years back, for a variety of reasons, I left my ob/gyn. The parking was difficult, the doctor was perennially late, but primarily I quit because to the left of her office door was a long hall and a portal above which hung a large sign, “GENETIC TESTING”. In my mind it might as well have read “ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE”.
That is an apt description of many an OB office, where, after a pre-natal test reveals an anomaly. Then the pressure begins. The negative list of possible complications, without a mention of the special gifts these children bring, the threats about what a child like this will do to their famlies.Abondon hope, indeed.

That is why the voice of the Catholic Church is a light in this world for people with Down syndrome. We look beyond the obvious, the disease, and see the spirtitual richness. As Jesus says, "unless you become as little children you shall not enter the Kingdom of God". What a blessing it must be to never lose the simple heart of a child, a heart which loves unconditionally, without complications, and with gusto. That's why certain cultures consider those with Down syndrome to be angels in disguise. Let those who have the eyes of faith see, and help uncover the blinders from those who would judge our beautiful children "life unworthy of life".

Read Sheryy's inspiring article here

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