Thursday, May 20, 2010

A positive use of advertising

Aren't you sick of commercials urging you to buy products to make you thinner, your eyes more beautiful or your house more fragrant?
Here is an advertising campaign that not only brightens lives, but may actually save some.Two agencies—Pedone Advertising in New York, and York & Chapel in Milford, Conn.—conducted the "My Great Story" ad campaign for the National Down Syndrome Society.

 By telling the inspiring stories of successful self advocates with Down syndrome, these two advertisers have discovered that is in givng that we receive; by putting a human face on those who have been stigmatized, marginalized and marked for destruction before birth, these advertising agencies have been transformed. Those of us raising such wonderful children experience this every day; still it's wonderful to watch the experience unfold, especially in Madison Avenue types.
They speak of this experience here; in Advertising Age.
Spend some time with a self-advocate, and you'll feel a change coming over you. People with Down syndrome are funny. They fall in love. They have jobs and careers. Talk to them for a bit, and you'll see they have day-to-day problems, dreams and things they don't like to do. In fact, they are just like me and you.

Oh, and one other thing: Some of them have great stories.

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