Friday, May 21, 2010

A sneak peek into my book

If I am not blogging much these days, its because I am treasure-hunting. I am contacting Catholic authors who happen to be special mothers and asking them to contribute to my book "A Special Mother is Born". Maybe you know someone who is gifted in writing, and has a story to add to the book. Maybe it's you!
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Here is my latest find, a rare jewel of a poem from one of those living saints you see in church, infinitely patient, with eyes that see heaven while she extends her hand to steady her son's shoulders. Her name is Mary von Schlegell. Mary is in her eighties, and is caring for her son Tony, in his forties, at home. Tony has Down syndrome and since he was born before the educational advances which our children enjoy today, the only word he has ever spoken is “Mama”.


As you my child are the limitation

So are you the sweetest consolation of my life

And imitation of our Lord.

Clearer than all in my heart,

Your hands marked with the strange line

Raise, raise my compassion

Cling around my heart.

Oh beautiful calm face

So small, so quiet beside me,

You have kept me from destruction,

Oh how can we ever fathom

The strange economy of a loving God;

Why does our trust so often fail

With salvation springing even here along our path?

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1 comment:

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

This is beautiful. God will put you in the path of the right editor in his good timing as I trust he will with me.