Monday, June 21, 2010

Lutz family to get Extreme Home Makeover

I am always impressed by the generousity of parents who adopt children with disabilities. The Lutz family of Long Island adopted 18 children altogether, six of whom have T21. Now the parents are gone, and two of the simblings are caring for those with Down syndrome. Their family home is crumbling and Ty Pennington and his crew are coming to the rescue with Extreme Makeover; Home Edition.
The kickoff happened this week at Yankee Stadium, with lots of hugs and fanfare.
Read the entire article in the Daily News.

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FigTree said...

The Lutz family members are obviously devout Catholics. I see all kinds of crucifixes and images of Jesus and Mary and a statue of Mary in the front garden. I wish I could connect with them other than Home Edition to talk about their faith. Obviously God is blessing them, as He split the bad storm in the middle, and it miraculously went around their new home, while wreaking devastation on both sides of the home! What kind of heart is the Sacred Heart of Jesus!! I love the finished home, such a great world for them to spend their lives in. I love the outside-inside street look. I pray for lots of extra heavenly help for John and Kathleen as they continue to care for their siblings. I think their story is a little window into the very Heart of God.