Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Word Made Flesh

It was a weekend full of inspiration for writers at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception in Huntington, NY where the first annual LI Catholic Writer's Conference was held.
 I met old friends Lisa Mladinich, founder of LI Catholic Writers,  Alice Gunther, MacBeth Derham, Mary Ellen Barrett, Catherine Cammarata,Michele Merrinan Berg,  and Dawn Eskew. I was able to renew my friendship with award winning children's author Josephine Nobisso of Gingerbread House Books (read my review of Take it to the Queen), and Among Women podcaster and Faith and Family contributor Pat Gohn, whose presentation encouraging writers to use social networking lit a fire under the audience, many of whom have connected with me since then. Pat has had me on her Among Women podcast twice and has been a mentor and cheerleader for me in my writing career. She garnered quite a few more mentorees with her dynamic presentation.
I was honored to finally meet  Elizabeth Scalia, that insightful columnist  known widely as The Anchoress over at First Things, and Celeste Behe of Faith and Family. I had the pleasure of listening to Michael Behe describe his book "Darwin's Black Box" at a CHAPLET Conference,  now I know where his inspiration comes from! Nice to meet such seasoned professionals in person.
New to the blogging scene, but certainly a rising star is Dr Gerard Nadal, PhD whose blog Coming Home has made him both friends and enemies by his courageous defense of human life. I had the honor of introducing him to Theresa Bonapartis, the directer of Lumina post abortion ministries affiliated with the Sisters of Life.
Catholic Writer's Guild president Ann Lewis made it all the way from Ohio, and we had time for a chat about the Catholic Arts and Letters Award, on whose committee I serve. She gave the CALA award to Long Island Catholic editor Rick Hinshaw, the keynote speaker. Monsignor Fink gave an oustanding homily a the Mass with extensive references to Tolkien's Ring Trilogy, reminding us that our writing contributes to the music of God's creation, and will be heard in heaven.
Many thanks to Peggy Clores, Alice Gunther and Lisa Mladinich whose tireless dedication made this conference possible, take a bow ladies!
Here is the Diocese of Brooklyn's net TV coverage of the conference in it's Currents program.
Read Pat Gohn's post at Among Women.

Among all these celebrated writers, I must mention Gabriela, my lovely seventeen year old whose essay My Sister is Special which won first place in the Diocesan Respect Life Essay Contest has been reprinted more times than I can count. First the Spanish diocesan paper Fe Feurza Y Vida translated it, then editor Marta Moscosa suggested a youth column be started in the Long Island Catholic. As soon as he took over as editor, Rick Hinshaw was on the case, asking Gabbi permission to reprint her essay as the first piece in Youth Voice. Rick remembered that, and he greeted Gabbi when she came to the conference. TLIC reported Lena Pennino who reported on Gabbi's winning the Respect Life over five years ago, asked Gabbi if she remembered her. An impact far beyond her years, I am so proud of my celebrated young writer.

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It sounds like you had a wonderful time! How I wish I could have been there! Perhaps, next year, God willing.

Thanks for sharing! God bless you!