Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kristin's big move

It took me two years, yes, two years to finally fully unpack and feel moved into this beautiful new home. Yesterday, my family and I helped Kristin Bothru of 11 On My Own and her family move into her new home, and today she'll be unpacking books. Books for a homeschooling mom are ususally 50% or more of our boxes when moving, and the last thing to be unpacked, so I am so impressed.
The reporters from the Hartford Courant and Fox 61 were duly impressed as well, and said so, as we formed human chains and passed boxes along smoothly and quickly into the waiting truck. One asked me what our secret was, and I mentioned the fact that we had just coordinated efforts for our parish Rummage Sale. The Holy Spirit made it a smooth and peaceful move, and we finished by saying grace over 8 pizzas, the first prayer in Kristin's new home. I was honored to give the statue of Our Lady a ride, seatbelted into my van, and the photographers loved it, taking photos of her trip, and her arrival in the new home.
I hope we were a witness to the life of Christ in our hearts, and that when this appears on the Fox 61 website and the Sunday August 22 edition of the Hartford Courant, that many people exclaim, "See those Catholics, how they love one another?"
UPDATE: Read the Courant article here, and see the photos here.

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