Sunday, August 22, 2010

Queenshhip of Mary and a hidden life

The Friars of the Immaculate celebrate the Queenship of Mary with a beautiful outdoor Mass and potluck lunch. Christina sat during the Mass, holding a bouquet of flowers from our new garden, smelling the fragrant red roses. She knelt in the grass at my side and received her second Holy Communion.
Then we shared a quiche made from our garden's fresh zucchini with the community of 200. We sat with our friends the Bothurs as they planned their house blessing tomorrow. Christina played on the swingset with her friends while I met Patty, a 52 year old woman with Down syndrome and her mother. They seem to have such a close friendship, I could see Christina's and my future relationship in them.
Mary, lived with Our Savior for 30 years in relative obscurity, and, while we prayed the rosary after Mass,  I wondered what He had gained from so many quiet years with only his Mother for company, to prepare Him for three years in the public eye, and for His sacrificial death on the Cross. Looking at that quietly happy pair, mother and adult daughter with Down syndrome, I could see some of the peace and joy which must have filled those 30 quiet years which Our Lady shared with Jesus. What a blessing for both of them it was!

Thank you Mary for this meditation, for your example of the hidden life in Nazareth with Jesus, and for the special relatiionship Christina and I will share when her sisters have grown up and left home, just as she was my only companion at Mass today, patiently holding flowers for you, and resting in my arms.

 It was a blessing to help  her receive Our Lord again on your feast day.

She is truly a gift from God's Hand.

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