Friday, March 25, 2011

Crossroads Show taping at our house

I am setting up a shot for the camera of Crossroads Magazine, the Archdiocese of Hartford Office of   Radio and Television's weekly program of good news. They are filming me at work on the blog, to give a sample of my daily life. They have been following Christina through the woods to see the chicken coop, and the shrine, to play with our Retriever, Molly and pet the cats. Viewers will get a delightful peek into the happy life of a nine year old girl with Down syndrome.
 Christina loves the camera, and we have been fighting her to get me on camera for  the interview! I admit she is cuter, but Mom has to have her say as well! Gabbi did wonderfully on her segment of the interview, which no longer surprises me, after all, it was her second TV interview this w
eek! My family is becoming skilled at sharing the joy of loving Christina with the world. I am so proud of them.
We enjoyed our two hours working with Jason and Sarah who are professional yet real, fun but hard working. We are really looking forward to the airing of our show. Jason invited us to attend Mass in the studio someday.
I will keep you informed about showtimes. We apologize for not taking photos, we were very busy helping to set up shots.
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