Friday, March 18, 2011

Dr Lejeune quotes in preparation for World Down Syndrome Day

I will be sharing 21 quotes from the man who discovered the cause of Down syndrome,  Dr Jerome Lejeune in preparation for World Down Syndrome Day, March 21. His faith and wisdom come through the translation.
Here is today's quote,
" Human genetics can be summarized in this basic creed.
In the beginning is the message, and the message is in life, and the message is life.
And if the message is a human message,then the life is a human life".

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Ellen Behrends said...

What an incredible man! Today's sermon at Sacred Heart Church in Lombard, IL USA was about him. I look forward to his canonization. I pray his message enlightens mankind to the dignity of all life from conception on. This is what I will pray for. Thank you.