Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Lenten resolutions are bearing fruit already

Today we began our Lenten routine two days early; as a family, we're planning on daily Mass and rosary, no sweets (except Sundays of course) and exercise every single day to help me overcome my diabetes and back spasms. A tough routine, but we trust that God's grace will help.
 We're following Coach Danny Abramowitz's (from EWTN's "Crossing the Goal" show )advice of giving God 30/30 minutes each, of prayer and workout each day.
We plan to offer up the sacrifice this will cause for priests and conversion and today at Mass we saw the first fruits of our resolution. We attended our  Monday night Miraculous Medal Novena Mass.
And a small miracle occurred in our family
Christina, with Down syndrome,  has had difficulty accepting the Host since her First Holy Communion last summer, she is not used to the papery texture and has given it back to me before,in my hand twice, where I quickly consumed it,  causing me to despair of her ever receiving, but tonight, she indicated that she was ready to receive, and since daily Masses are smaller, we had the time to explain to our patient pastor that she was ready for her third communion. She took the Host and consumed it completely, went back to the pew beaming,  for prayer and promptly requested a party! Christina had a chocolate chip cookie and tea party in honor of her Third Holy Communion.
Deo Gratias!
I hope and pray that the habit of Daily Mass will create a lifelong taste, both spiritual and physical in my daughter for the Bread of Life. Please pray with me that it does for all our children.
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Beverly said...

such wonderful news. congrats to Christina. I will be so happy when my Noah will be doing the same.