Monday, August 20, 2007

Second Down syndrome carnival

Stephanie Bissol at Megan's Got 47 has a post where she shows us a children's book she is working on featuring her lovely daughter, Megan. It looks like a winner to me! Christina shares her emotional story of Kallie's birth in this post. For those out there who are facing a pre-natal diagnosis of Down syndrome, or other anomaly, Be Not Afraid offers more of these inspiring birth stories to help you in this difficult time.
Ellen Hsu writes a loving post to her son on the occasion of his first birthday in Elijah's gift. Karen discusses her ambivalence at Lion and Magic Boy. Michelle at Big Blueberry Eyes gives us Ten Facts about Down Syndrome where many of the myths about Down syndrome are cleared up. I add my recent post on Dr. Jerome Lejeune, the geneticist who discovered Trisomy 21 in 1959, and firmly believed that Down syndrome could be cured, "with less effort than it would take to send a man to the moon".
Barbara Curtis of Mommy Life compares society's reaction to Down syndrome to her acceptance of being the mother of her son in about that extra chromosome.
I like to include links to resources for those parenting children with Down syndrome in each post. Band of Angels has a wonderful outreach which includes, scholarships,lovely calendars and note cards, and books about Down syndrome like Common Threads and my daughter's favorite, Hi, I'm Ben, and I Have a Secret.
Thanks to all you who have participated in the second carnival. The next carnival will be here at Cause of Our Joy, so be sure and send me your posts. In September the carnival will be moving to other host sites, but the next site will always be posted on the previous carnival.
How about letting us know if you are walking in a Buddy Walk?
HT A Catholic Mom in Hawaii for the carnival logo button.


GrannyGrump said...

Don't forget Downi Creations. Those dolls are gorgous!

Leticia said...

Thanks grannygrump, they ARE gorgeous! I have added the link to my sidebar, and guess what Christina is getting for Christmas!

Monica said...

The Hsu's are so cool! I'm glad you featured them here. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Leticia! :)

Our Buddy Walk (Lower Mainland Down Syndrome Society -- Surrey, British Columbia, Canada) is happening on Sunday, September 23rd, and I am so happy to say that this will be our first walk! I'll be sure to write about it, and post pictures on my blog. I'm very excited. Being busy with a toddler, I often find myself wanting to be more involved with our Down syndrome community, but never quite doing it. Hopefully, this will be the first step of a wonderful, long journey.