Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No Greater Love

You have got to read this poem by Michelle Harmon at Downblogger!
She is referring to this heartbreaking news story, in which an Italian mother, pregnant with twin boys, attempted to abort her son with Down syndrome, but mistakenly aborted the 'normal' child. She ran to the police to accuse the doctor of malpractice, and returned to finish off her son with Down syndrome. Now she is without both of her sons. How sad.
While this story is shocking, unfortunately, it is not really news. In Europe, the abortion rate for Down syndrome actually exceeds the 90% of the USA.


Michelle said...

The poem was beautiful. Sad story, and not that it matters since lives were lost either way, but the articles I've read said she was pregnant with twin girls, not boys.

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

very sad

Anonymous said...

My heart breaks over this story and the poem is quite poignant and somehow comforting. When I read news stories like that one, I wish that someone, somewhere could have held that woman's hand, and helped guide her through her own fears, so that both babies would be born into this world...even if it meant that she give up her baby with Down syndrome to another family. It's just completely heartbreaking and now she has to live with the "what if's" that must surely plague her...I hope both children are looking over her now as she'll need more guidance than ever before.