Friday, August 31, 2007

Christina's swing set

If you want to measure your child's physical development, just compare what they can do on your home swing set.
I remember when Christina was in the baby swing, and couldn't climb the ladder.
It gives her such a sense of accomplishment to have mastered all the equipment. You can see her determination as she climbs the ladder, and smile of pride as she swings all by herself. The problem is, now she wants to swing on the trapeze, and jump off! Yikes!


mamajuliana said...

Our daughter's big dream was running down the slide! Yes, she figured out how to do it...and no bones were broken! Now the only swing left is the one at Grammy's house...and at almost 17 she still likes to swing-but her legs are way too long!

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Christina is a beautiful girl!

Michelle said...

Our girls are similar! Mine is now jumping off the swing, landing squarely on her feet. SCARY! Christina is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I love both pictures, but especially, the one of Christina smiling so beautifully on her swing. She looks so joyful. And she is absolutely beautiful.