Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Little Flowers Foundation

Danielle Bean has a post about the Tippet family, who are raising funds to adopt a little girl from Africa. If you are a Catholic family who would like to adopt a child internationally,but are unable to meet the high costs, there is financial aid available via the Little Flowers Foundation.

The mission of Little Flowers Foundation is two-fold.Many qualified families find adoption's high costs prohibitive. Little Flowers works to provide grants to families who need financial assistance in order to pursue an adoption. Are you interested in adoption but afraid of the high costs involved? We may be able to help.
Many children from around the world are in need of a loving family. Older children, sibling groups, and disabled children can be hard to place. Little Flowers works to find loving families to adopt these special souls. Do you feel God may be calling you to open your home to one of his precious children? Please contact us.
Another website, Reece's Rainbow helps get overseas orphans with Down syndrome adopted by loving families here in the USA.

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