Thursday, October 25, 2007

40 Reasons to Have Children

Karen Edmisten, and Heather over at Claypool Photography have started something.
Can you name forty resons to have children.?
Her list, which is in process, is a bit tongue in cheek, or clenched jaws, depending on how you look at it, is hysterical.
Read Heather's list, help me complete my list. Then, pass it on!

1.You learn to pray the rosary under wartime conditions. Susie Lloyd in her book. "Please Don't Drink the Holy Water" has entire chapter on this. She named it; "The Family Rosary and Other Near Occasions of Sin".
You learn to ignore minor swaying, nose picking, and sibling jostling while you focus your mind on Heavenly things and try to unite your distracted thoughts to the Cross.
You try to only pounce on: injuries which require treatment, rosary eating where parts of the rosary disappear, and children over 2 who fall asleep, or pretend they have.

2. Your ability to do "dirty jobs" wihtout flinching is greatly enhanced. My family loves to watch the TV show by that name. I don't need to. I live it. I have just finished cleaning up a potty training five year old, whose pants were much more than wet, know what I mean?!

3. You feel the world's greatest peace as those soft little arms fling around your neck, as you pull her from the bathtub after her bath!

4. You learn to smile when you would rather lose it. Like when those clean face and hands are in need of another bath after snack 20 minutes later.

5. You learn to love serving others. You run out to teach a class with nice clothes on, and decent hair, for a classroomful of respectful adults and are reluctant to leave the kids behind!


Christine M said...

Actually, I think Karen Edmisten got this ball rolling. She has a post where she links to other people who've done the same thing. You can check it out at
I hope that whole link shows up - it's long. If it doesn't - it's and the post with all the links was on Sunday, Oct 31.

Sarah said...

Yes, Karen Edmisten got this started, I think. I posted a list a while back too, inspired by her: here.