Friday, October 26, 2007

Casting Call: Baby girl with Down syndrome wanted for TV movie on Lifetime Channel

Gail Williamson, mother of Blair, who is an actor with Down syndrome is an advocate at the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles, and finds acting jobs in Hollywood for actors with Down syndrome. She worked with Chris Burke on "Life Goes On" and I met her in Hollywood at the premiere of "Mr Blue Sky".She sent me this casting call notice today.
We have an assignment!
Please help me out and forward this to anyone you know anywhere in the US and Canada that might have contact with a brand new Caucasian baby girl who has Down syndrome.
The book “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” is being made into a film for the Lifetime Channel. It is shooting in Nova Scotia in November.
They are looking for a baby girl born in October 2007 to appear in the film as the new born Phoebe. They only found one baby with DS born in Nova Scotia in 2007 and she is 6 months old. In Canada it is a law to screen every expectant mother for DS not just a guideline, scary isn’t it?I need to hear from any parent of a newborn who might want the opportunity for their little one to work in Nova Scotia in November 2007.
I would also consider older babies weighing under 8 lbs. I know from my son Blair being a preemie he didn’t hit 8 lbs until he was about 4 months old.I have an agent that would negotiate all the details making sure to get appropriate pay and travel for the family. Please have anyone interested contact me at the DSALA office at 818-242-7871 or they can reach me by email at
Thank you for helping me with this search, and watch for the film on Lifetime next spring.


Anonymous said...

Leticia, I posted the information on the Canadian Down Syndrome Society forums for you. I hope you don't mind.


Leticia said...

Nephesh, that's fantastic!
Since the film is to be made in Canada, it would be most appropriate that the young actress be a Canadian.Thank you.

Anonymous said...

There must be more than one baby born with DS in Nova Scotia in 2007 unless the facts posted above are wrong. My little guy, Eric, was born May 20, 2007 and has Down syndrome. He was born in Halifax and we have always lived here in Nova Scotia. He might be the baby being referred to - but he's just 5 months old and a boy!


Kathy said...

My husband and I have always wanted to put our 3 year old daughter who has ds in to movie or modeling. The only modeling casting calls I've found are for US residents only. Could you tell us how to go about this as Canadian residents.
Thank you

Leticia said...

Unfortunately she is too old for this opportunity, however, if you email Gail Williamson at DSLA, at the email above, I know she will help you. Her advocacy of actors with Down syndrome isn't limited to US citizens.