Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hispanic Day Festival

Last Sunday, after Mass, our family drove to a parish which was having a Dia de la Hispanidad, or Hispanic Heritage Day Festival, to show a trailer of "Bella".
Here I am speaking about the conversion of Eduardo Verastegui, to a crowd who knew him as a typical pop star, with the typical immoral lifestyle. We hope that Eduardo, since his conversion, will serve as a role model for Latino youth. My talk was well received, and festival goers were asking where to see "Bella".
On the way home, reluctant to get busy in the kitchen, my thoughts turned to the Red Lobster restaurant we were passing on the road. Through fifteen years of experience as a wife, I have learned a bit, so I kept quiet, and spoke a simple prayer of petition to God for Francisco to take us to dinner there as a family. Not five minutes later, he said, "do you know where a Red Lobster is? I want to take you out to dinner there. "
My mouth opened in surprise, and I told him of my prayer. He laughed, and said, "this is a good story for the blog!"
This reminds me of what St. Ambrose once said to St. Monica regarding her wayward son. "Talk to God about Augustine, not to Augustine about God." This approach was also used by Eduardo's mother in Mexico, before his conversion, when she said to his father, "our son is lost to us. If my words won't reach him, my prayers will".
Some day, we will be amazed at the amount of good done in the world by silent prayers.
By the way, the shrimp was delicious!

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