Monday, October 22, 2007

A place for Christina

After school began, Christina has had difficulty adjusting to therapy both at home and at school, even though it's only three hours a week of OT, PT, and speech at school. I have tried every option to make home therapy work, and am now searching for a community preschool which won't find her a burden.
A local Montessori school won't return my calls, and at this time I am still searching for a simple little preschool where Christina and her teacher can spend five hours a week learning in the midst of her age group. I could send her to full day Kindergarten, but I think that would overwhelm her in many ways. She needs acceptance and love in order to learn to play safely with her age group.

I ask for your prayers.


Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

I will be praying for a place for Christina!

Anonymous said...

I send all my prayers and wishes for you and Christina! *hugs!

Monica said...

I'm sorry that finding a school has turned into such a challenge.

I know at our parish K, students can attend a half day, and probably they would accomodate a one hour attendee. Is there any chance you could finagle something with one of your local parish K's?

Prayers as you search, Leticia.

PS -- that painting is lovely! It looks just like Christina!

mamajuliana said...

Praying that you find the right place for Christina. Our local Montessori school was not very helpful when our daughter was younger-but we were blessed to have a center that had integrated classes of 'typical' and 'non typical' children-(Their words from 13 years ago, not mine...) Our daughter bloomed in their group! It was a hybrid program of the school district and private concerns...

Our preschool experience with our school district was great. It wasn't until our daughter was in second grade that we decided to homeschool.

Again, I'll be praying!