Saturday, July 26, 2008

From Diane and John Grovers: a blog giveaway

We wanted to tell you that we are doing a little give away on our blog. To celebrate the crazy wild success of Hidden Treausres we are giving a little gift away. It is free. And it is just for fun. Rules are on the new part of our blog. In the last few months, we have gotten word that Hidden Treasures has been handed out to new parents expecting a child with Down syndrome at a rate that we never quite expected. We are excited because their feedback is that they are finding hope after they get done reading our little site. We are also hearing from parents who have just given birth and they are letting us know that they are SO excited to have such an insprirational site to read while they are new to the journey.
We have gotten emails from people who don't even have a child, but they learned so much from reading the blog. It has been just wonderful.To celebrate, we wanted to do a give away! So we hope you will join us in celebrating and try to be the one who gets our little gift.
Thanks for helping us to get this site into the hands of those who need this.
Diane and John

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