Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pope Benedict isn't the ony one who likes cats!

Dear EWTN Family,

Since the end of last year, Mother has been enjoying the company of a little feline friend we all call, “Mikey”. He loves being with her and often takes his little siestas on Mother’s bed, with his paw or his chin resting on her. He’s a bit on the round side but beautiful nonetheless and enjoys the affection of all. Mother is often amused by his little quirky behaviors that are often described as, “Only Mikey would…” She especially gets a kick out of watching him chase his tail.Besides all that makes up her day indoors, on occasion Mother is able to go outside to feel the sunshine and enjoy the beautiful cloister gardens. She loves those cherry Marigolds.All in all, Mother is still Mother. With that Mother Angelica twinkle in her eyes and her warm smile, she can brighten up a room. As always she is appreciative of all your love and prayers. Rest assured, Mother holds each of you in her heart, while she asks her Spouse, Jesus, to bless you.

From The Sisters at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery

Don't you just love the image of a kitty resting on on Mother, bringing her joy by being playful?!

As a fellow cat lover, this just makes me purr. ...

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