Monday, July 21, 2008

Isabella's piano recital

Isabella has a wonderful piano teacher, she is the homeschooling mom who truly understands children, teaches lessons designed for each child, and shares her talent and enthusiasm for music. Bella learned Edvard Grieg's "Morning Mood" and Verdi's "La Donna E Mobile" in only three months, and gained a new understanding of technique and excitement about her playing. Afterwards the homeschooling families had a potluck dinner with the main course a gift from their beloved and talented teacher. The highlight of the dinner was the gorgeous chocolate cake made by our hostess which was a grand piano whose top was a solid piece of dark chocolate. It tasted every bit as luscious as it looked!
After dinner the young musicians enjoyed time outdoors on the wonderful swing on a towering oak tree.
Isabella's parents, sisters, and grandparents(see photo) were very proud of her musically elegant and lively performance.


Grandma said...

Yes, I am very proud of my talented granddaughter and most grateful for her loving and talented teacher... a memory made precious through the generous sharing of the many talents of both children and their parents... the hope of our future!

A Homeschooling Thespian said...

Thank you, Leticia!

Yes, it was a wonderful day! You should be so proud of your beautiful Isabella!

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

She is a joy to hear. And that piano really takes the cake!