Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Help for the sleepless

It appears that for the first time since 1987, when I spent a year in Europe, I will be moving away from Long Island, where I lived all my life. I have been praying and hoping for this move to Connecticut for months, and was joyful during the day, since this answer to prayer. Yesterday I had asked Our Lord "is this your will for me, if so, please let something let me know we're actually going to move." Within a couple of hours, a check was on the way in the exact amount we needed for a down payment. So why do worries about the economy and the move keep me awake at night? I needed. . .
Today's Meditation from Mary Vitamin
St. Teresa of Avila writes about the spirit of recollection:
“You know that God is everywhere; and this is a great truth, for, of course, wherever the king is, or so they say, the court is too: that is to say, wherever God is, there is Heaven. …Avoid being bashful with God, as some people are, in the belief that they are being humble. It would not be humility on your part if the King were to do you a favour and you refused to accept it; but you would be showing humility by taking it, and being pleased with it, yet realizing how far you are from deserving it. A fine humility it would be if I had the Emperor of Heaven and Earth in my house, coming to it to do me a favour and to delight in my company, and I were so humble that I would not answer His questions, nor remain with Him, nor accept what He gave me, but left Him alone. ...
Do not be foolish; ask Him to let you speak to Him, and, as He is your Spouse, to treat you as His brides. Remember how important it is for you to have understood this truth -- that the Lord is within us and that we should be there with Him.
If one prays in this way, the prayer may be only vocal, but the mind will be recollected much sooner; and this is a prayer which brings with it many blessings. It is called recollection because the soul collects together all the faculties and enters within itself to be with its God.”
The Way of Perfection, Chapter 28
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