Thursday, July 31, 2008

Modest Bridal Gowns: what a concept!

Thank heavens someone is addressing the issue of immodest bridal gowns!!
It seems that, no matter the season, all bridal gowns are strapless affairs which have no place in church. Perhaps it's because fewer couples are marrying in church or synagogue. But, there is a trend, however small for bridal gowns with a sense of mystery. . .and decency.
"'Customers will say, 'I'm having a religious wedding, what can you do to these dresses to fit my standards?' -- usually arms covered, neckline covered, no cleavage, very little skin," Sarra said.
Much of the country has seen an increase in conservative branches of mainstream religions.
The Camille La Vie store at Palisades Center in West Nyack, N.Y., tends to get more Orthodox Jewish brides, while the California stores have many Islamic customers, and an Arizona shop gets requests from Mormon customers.
These brides, Sarra said, don't want plain when they ask for "modest." "They still want the look that's hot. That's why we offer more options to add a sleeve, add a neckline," she said. "

I'm embarrassed that no one mentioned Catholic brides, the only link I could find was for Mormons! What's wrong with Catholic brides? We have Our Lady as a role model, and we are not interested in modest bridal gowns? Just look at how modest Our Lady is and use that as a guide. Here are some more guidelines from EWTN on how a Catholic bride should dress.
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HTJewish World Review


Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

Maybe this issue should be addressed in the preparation for marriage! Dressing modestly is important for the preservation of purity in the marriage as well. Noone in our local parishes seems to have the courage to address the matter of dressing decently for church because they do not want to turn people away. I just went to a wedding where the bride and all the bridemaids wore strapless gowns and they all had awful tan lines from their bathing suits. It was so tasteless! If only they knew!

Anonymous said...

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Rebecca said...

Even some of my more devout friends wore strapless gowns to their weddings (much to my shock). Just FYI, I have a directory of modest bridal websites on my site I try to add more resources there as often as I can.

jenny said...

Then there's always the start from scratch approach. I'm a mormon bride from California and I know a lot of girls around here opt for a professional seamstress and piece together patterns for a modest wedding dress. You have to be a little creative, but you can end up with a beautiful modest gown. Here is a seamstress I recommend in Southern California who specializes in wedding attire.

truepentecostalblog said...

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