Sunday, January 28, 2007

Finding Meaning in a Mother's Suffering

One of my favorite bloggers, Karen Edmisten has a terrific post about the feast of Candlemas, which we celebrate Friday, and the loss of children which so many mothers have experienced. Why on this feast? Because, as proud as Mary and Joseph were to present their Son in the temple, and have Him acknowledged as the Son of God, Simeon's prophecy cut through their happiness like the sword that would part Mary's heart at the crucifixion. Would Mary ever know true peace of mind after that? Soon they were fleeing for their Son's life into Egypt. Her happiness was really the joy of communion with God, and not attachment to the circumstances in which she found herself.
As mothers, we will encounter heartbreak at the most unexpected moments, and we must turn out eyes toward Heaven, and offer it as a gift of love to our Loving Father. That way, not a tear of ours will ever be wasted, but will be joined with the suffering of Christ's Passion, and bear fruit in the salvation of this sinful world.

Mater dolorosa, ora pro nobis.

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