Friday, January 5, 2007

How to Foster Vocations in Your Children

I remember being a teenager and contemplating religious life. The Church was in turmoil then, before Pope John Paul, so looking back, I think it might have been providence that I chose marriage. My point is, however, when I joyfully told a priest in my parish that I at 14 thought I had a calling to religious life, he recoiled as if bitten by a snake, and muttered something about going to Mass and listening to God. Good advice, though I could have used a better reaction.

I'm trying to do a little better, by letting my girls see orthodox religious who are truly in love with their vocation, and the Lord, and stepping back and saying very little. They know they could come to me with questions about either vocation, and discuss it if they want.

Today, we watched the encore of "Life on the Rock", which features the delightful Sisters of Life. They described the lives they led before discovering their vocations, and how God led them to the sisterhood. One lady acted in "Sesame Street Live" as Grover, one was a cancer researcher who had a chance to embrace Pope John Paul during World Youth Day in Denver 1993, and the third was an avid mountain climber, who had trekked the entire Appalachian Trail. My girls were interested in the program particularly because we had just marched with them to protest abortion, and enjoyed adoration and a lovely buffet lunch afterward.

"That's the sister who asked if we were having turkey!" Isabella exclaimed as she recognized the sister who had embraced the Holy Father.

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