Friday, December 14, 2007

Guess who's in "Faith and Family" magazine?

In the January/February issue, my friend Lisa Mladinich was interviewed on her powerful reversion to the Faith from a worldly career in acting in "Acting Up", and Lisa has written a piece on suggestions for catechists, "The Greatest Show on Earth". Go and visit her website which describes her "Paradox Puppets". Her puppets scripts are great catechetical tools and have been used by thousands of catechists. She has great plans to offer resources to catechists in the works, and I'm involved, but more on that later. . .

I have a piece in the article "Delightful Destinations: Faith & Family's 2008 Family Vacation Guide" on pilgrimage, cultural and fun destinations in New York on page 87. The photo of Cedar Point County Park was taken by yours truly, on a Labor Day weekend camping trip.

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