Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Beautiful article by my friend Kathy Carlman

I am always humbled in the presence of real talent. I who write incessantly, and can be careless with grammar and punctuation, know talent when I see it. Each Sunday evening, while our girls play volleyball, I share the bleachers with a talented writer and college composition professor, Kathy Carlman. She hasn't been writing as much as I have, and I told her that she had to share her God-given talent. She has, and you can see why I urged her to write when you read her moving piece today on Catholic Exchange.
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Anonymous said...

Kathy's post was indeed moving. (I didn't leave a comment because I am not registered on that site.) My Dad talked about tithing, the topic of her piece. Ending with, after we began tithing we never had money problems again.

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