Thursday, January 14, 2010

Full speed ahead to the March for Life!!

The last member of my family is on anti-biotics(they last until the March, so what can we catch now?
 "Canticle" magazine came through with a check for my article on KIDs in the March for Life (gas money)
 and I have a hotel room for Friday night.
March for Life, here we come!
Christina and I are driving while the teens in my home are going by bus. If any of you want to meet Rep Cathy McMorris Rogers at National Right to Life Headquarters at 11AM on the 22nd and join us for the March, come on over, no reservations needed! We will have a light brunch.
We have signs, banner, and scarves a plenty.
Hope to meet you there.

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Therese said...

dancing the happy dance for you Leticia. I cannot obviously be there but one year I keep telling my husband that we will tour America when the March for life is on. Does it usually snow there?

Leticia said...

Thank you, Therese!
It would be such an honor to meet you there someday.You have an open invitation to vist the Velasquez home in Connecticut, March or no March. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could celebrate the end of abortion instead?
It doesn't usually snow, in fact this year promises to be a balmy one. . . but you never know.