Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Christmas letter is reaching the Holy Father!

 Here is an email from Padre Paolo Padrini, the director of the Holy Father's initiative Pope2You.
I sent him a link to my Letter from God to a Special Needs Mother.
He'll be sending my email to the Holy Father himself! I am so honored!
You can send the Holy Fahter your Christmas greetings by following the link in the email.

Dearest friend

I wanted to thank you for your Christmas greetings and tell you that will be delivered in the coming days to the Holy Father.

We propose an important initiative: during the Month of Peace, we invite you to send the Holy Father and to the world your photographic or textual message of Peace.

We invite you to do it the same way that you used for sending Christmas greetings from the site

We urge you to make you, as requested by the Pope, "proclaim" the Gospel, and promoter of the portal of the Vatican Pope2You.

Heartfelt thanks

The Staff of Pope2You

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